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YouthReach Team 

I   Project Manager: Vasiliki Souliotti has worked on charity projects in Africa for the last 19 years. In 2010 she founded YouthReachSA.

    Her passion is to help young people rise above the negative impact of systematic poverty, fragmented family structures and trauma; to discover their potential and inspire them to build their lives in a way that will impact the world for the better.

     She leads the counselling and mentoring programs, as well as the program of holiday camps.

     Project Manager: Isaac Bleich has worked for African NGOs for the last 20 years. His work has taken him to Malawi, Tanzania as well as Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

    He joined YouthReach in 2015 and, as well as running an after-school club and counselling program in Diepsloot West Secondary School, leads the YouthReach leadership training program. He also oversees the expansion of the work in South Africa,  Malawi and Zimbabwe

I     UK Representative: Simon Bennett. From 1998-2009 Simon delivered programs into prisons and immigration centers in the UK for Touchstone Projects.

      In 2009 he moved to South Africa and worked there till November 2017, when family matters called him back to the UK. 

       He started YouthReach SA with Vasiliki Souliotti in 2010 and still contributes with the creation and production of inspirational materials for youth, training materials for volunteers and fundraising. 

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