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Community Outreach

      Christian faith comes alive when put into action.​

      Monthly community outreaches enable to the learners to intersect with thier communities in meaningful ways, praying for and sharing their faith with others. 


     Assemblies enabled our trained volunteers to communicate Gospel messages to the entire school, teachers and cleaning staff included. ​

     This is one of our most appreciated services as teachers are not permitted to use assemblies to communicate the Gospel but they are enthusiastic for us to do so. 


Lending Libraries

      Breakthroughs for the youth come when they realise they are able to connect with God themselves in their own environments.


       This is tremendously aided by appropriate reading materials and compiled music CD's​, that they are able to take to read and listen to at home and share with their families. 

Prayer Requests

    Its so important to know what individual learners are facing in theit personal lives. To this end we reuglarly ask the learners to write down their prayer requests.​

    Volunteers pray for the learners and respond with personal letters of encouragement, support and guidance.

        After-School Meetings


      After-school meetings are packed with powerful worship that connects the learners with their Heavenly Father.


     Meaningful Gospel teachings that  includes drama, participation and multi-media refresh the learners after a long day at school. These meetings are the regular hearbeat of YouthReach work


One on One Counselling

     One to one counselling enables the learners to share their stories and receive prayer, advice and encouragement that they are not walking the road alone. This may well be the first opportunity for them to do this.


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